Covid 19 and General Everyday Anxiety

This pandemic is new for all of us. Kids are home, a lot of us are home. There’s a whole lot of unknown out there right now and the anxious thoughts surrounding the situation are genuine. So what can you do to reduce anxiety during a global pandemic, civil unrest and divided friends and family?

1st Wake up to a new morning.

Do not watch/listen/read the news first thing in the morning or right before work. Wake up get a little sunshine on your skin, eat something, water plants, ground yourself in your morning before you dive into anything on the news. When you do find time to consume the news set limits, I will catch up for 15- 30 minutes and don’t do this right before bed.

2nd You don’t need an update, right now.

Turn off notifications on your phone. Leave the important things, texts, work email. Everything else doesn’t need to intrude with little anxiety provoking updates. No reason you need to know what that distant uncle posted on Facebook immediately or who responded to it, or who argued with it. Set a time to view and respond to social media, not right when you get up, or before bed. Maybe before a daily walk or hobby activity.

3rd Just keep swimming

Movement is important to reduce anxiety, depression and increase purpose. A lot of us are stuck at home, or unable to go to some of our favorite places. Find an achievable project, get a small garden growing, organize something, paint by numbers, learn an instrument, or something new on one you already know how to play. Go for a walk, experience something new, learn a new skill, take the kids fishing.

4th You are not perfect, your kids and/or spouse and family are not perfect.

We are all processing these times in our own way. Understandably when we are stressed our frustration tolerance goes down, we might have a shorter fuse, be less connected to our partners and family, or procrastinate on things. We are experiencing season that most living people have never experienced, give yourself grace, give people in your life grace.

We are all in this together and it will get better.

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